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It is important that you hear from our clients about their experiences using our Law Firm.

Note: Testimonials or endorsements found at this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any legal matter.


Excellent Business Attorney

I am a colleague and a client of Dixon Howell, who I have known for 7 years. Dixon has an excellent reputation in the community as being both insightful and pragmatic, which is why I chose to associate with him personally and professionally, and chose him as my business attorney for my 20 person law firm. Dixon did an excellent job in reviewing and providing input regarding our buy-sell agreement, and I would be happy to use him again. I highly endorse Dixon Howell!

— James Hoover, Partner,  Hoover-Krepelka


Wonderful Attorney

We have worked with David Burgess for years. He is very prompt and knowledgeable. Any time we have a simple question or issue that needs immediate attention we can always count on David Burgess for our Business. He was also very helpful with all the paper work when we acquired another business. We highly recommend David if you are ever in need of an attorney.

— Owner of Silicon Valley product prototype business


Incorporation, Contract Law or Meaningful Advice
Dixon Howell is THE Right Choice

Our firm has been using Dixon Howell’s law firm for all our agreements. Dixon is a good contract lawyer and they are just hard to find. I was particularly impressed with his ability to point out potential pitfalls and areas of risk – this much-needed feedback helped us shore up the risk on mission critical contracts.

We have been using Dixon Howell’s Firm for all our legal agreements and contracts, and we will be using them moving forward.

Dixon also provided advice on a civil dispute. He was a great asset to us during the early stages of this dispute, thanks to his words of advice, he gave us sanity to navigate the process and set our expectations until an insurance appointed attorney was assigned.

If you are currently looking for a business law attorney, I recommend you contact Dixon Howell.

— Susan Nichol, Chief Executive Officer, Cold Craft


Trusted, Efficient, Helpful

For over 25 years Dave Burgess has assisted our family and our business in buying/selling personal real estate and various business related decisions. We have hired him to write contracts for us and to advise us. He is efficient and trustworthy in his assessment and recommendations. We feel completely confident in recommending him and will continue to call on him as the needs arise.


— Mark, electrical business owner


Always on the Job!

Calm, cool, collect, very knowable, very insightful, very professional, always on the job, even when his is on vacation! I interviewed many, many attorneys & law firms before hiring Mr. Howell & the Business Law Group. My situation had a lot of moving parts, bleeding into different areas of the law, corporate, trust, etc. Mr. Howell had precise immediate answers to my questions without having to 'look'...

—Theresa, estate beneficiary

A Pleasure to Work With
I am very grateful for the excellent contract work David Burgess has provided me over the last 7 years. In our work together I have asked him to execute many kinds of contracts. He is experienced, professional, and knowledgeable. In addition, he has made himself available to schedule calls outside of business work hours. He has been a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse his services and will continue to utilize them as needed.

—Sally W., executive coach

Money in the Bank

With Dixon's advice, recommendations, and implementation. he has saved both myself (and friends that I have recommended) money in current and possible future litigation. He has helped in the setting up of S-Corporations, LLC's, employee manuals and buy sell agreements. His office is inviting and I felt he listened to my concerns and help me to understand how to minimize my exposure.

With his help I feel I have more "Money in the Bank".

— Randy Warshawsky, Owner, The Tax Man


Thorough and Responsive Legal Service

I am a CPA and have contacted Dave for various client needs over the past few years. I highly recommend Dave because he is very thorough and responsive to the legal issues/questions. He is also prompt in delivering the results.

— South Bay Certified Public Accountant


Exceeds Our Expectations

I have been working with Dixon Howell for the last few years on a variety of business law matters. Dixon has a vast knowledge of law and does a great job of protecting my company. I think one of the things that he does best is inform his clients of what to watch out for and prepare you for things before they happen. To me this is what you want. Someone who is a straight shooter and gives you sound advice. I will continue to use and recommend Dixon.

— Donnie Gupton, Owner, Precision Flooring


Helpful, Honest, Knowledgeable

David Burgess was very helpful and responsive in my business problem. I would recommend him to anybody. Very honest and knowledgeable and nice person.

— Christine, owner of private school


Contract Review

I have utilized Dixon's Services in reviewing and formulating contracts for my business. Dixon is knowledgeable, easy to work with and trustworthy.

— Marlene Fales, CFO, PSS Communications, Inc.


501(c)(3) Tax-Exemption Work

David Burgess provided excellent legal advice and support in our process to complete the 501(c)(3) application with the Internal Revenue Service and State of California. David was very thorough in his communication with the Board of Directors and kept us informed of the progress of our application. He was very persistent with the very involved process, and we always had great confidence in his ability. We celebrated with him when we received final approval with the IRS and the State of California.

— Jo, nonprofit officer and Board member


Previous Client

I have used Dixon services in the past and have been very satisfied with the outcome. My friends and clients ask if I know of a good attorney and I don't hesitate to recommend Dixon.

— Reggie Lee, Senior Broker, Meacham/Oppenheimer, Inc.


Extremely Knowledgeable

The Business Law Group has been handling our corporate legal matters and estate planning for a number of years and have been doing a responsive and competent job and we would recommend The Business Law Group without qualification or reservation to anyone with business legal needs.

—Kelly, owner of prefabricated equipment contracting business


Financial Advisor

Having Dixon Howell as part of my professional network has been very beneficial. His expertise has assisted several of my clients. I enjoy working with Dixon and I'm confident he will take good care of my clients.

—Elaine Ellis, Financial Advisor, Pacific Advisors


A Smart and Trustworthy Straight Shooter

I enjoy working with Dixon. He's always looking out for my better interests and he's very good at sharing his legal advice in terms that I can understand.

—Charisse, owner of bar and grill


Estate and Trust

Both Dixon and David have been supportive and proactive on working toward settling an estate. They have been very thorough.

—Roger, estate trustee


Highly Recommended

I used Dixon's services a few times and each time I was very satisfied with his help. I also have recommended him to my friend and I know she is happy with his services as well.

—Ewa, small business owner







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Suite 240

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(408) 979-7800


Business Law Group
Business Law Group


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1800 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 240

San Jose, CA 95125 • (408) 979-7800

1800 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 240

San Jose, CA 95125 • (408) 979-7800

Business Law Group

1800 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 240

San Jose, CA 95125 • (408) 979-7800